We have to be honest here, this makes a lot of sense and we could be doing a lot better in that category.

College basketball's March Madness is just around the corner and during this time of the year many people are excited to watch basketball and enjoy the games. Wallet Hub came out with a ranking of the Best Cities for College Basketball and Bozeman was not high on the list. They were actually close to the bottom and we have to agree.


Bozeman landed on the list #226 overall and #124 on the small city list which is really bad. The factors that went into the rankings included how many Division 1 teams, conference championships, Hall of Fame coaches, fan engagement, and many others. The thing is, we have to believe Montana State University has really no shot to be anywhere near the top of this list. Montana State's basketball program has had it's ups and mostly downs to be honest.

Montana State basketball has had a rough history. We haven't won a conference championship since 2002 and haven't been to the NCAA tournament since 1996. That's quite a while and to be fair we keep getting new coaches it seems every four to five years and that's a bummer.

Listen, I would love for Montana State to be higher on this list but we need to improve our basketball team if that's going to happen. It would be incredible to see Montana State become a force for mid-major conferences and battle big schools but for right now that is not a reality but it could happen.

I guess on the bright side, we ranked high the University of Montana Griz. Go Bobcats!

For more details, check out Wallet Hub.

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