Let's be honest, none of us have seen a Halloween like this ever in all of our lives.

Halloween is on Saturday and with the steady rising cases of COVID-19 not only in Montana but here in Gallatin County. So the Bozeman Police Department and the Bozeman Fire Department made a YouTube video

They have some tips on how you can have a safe, non COVID-19 filled Halloween.

One off the biggest problems usually with Halloween is the huge costume parties and that's one of the most likely ways you could possibly get COVID-19. So what they would like you to do is be smart and maybe make some alternate plans. Plus, you can really mingle with all off your friends you run into at big gatherings. You will have to sit at a table and if you are going hard on Halloween(like I usually do) it's just not worth it.

So maybe the best laid out plans for Halloween are going a small costume contest with close friends or having a movie marathon in your home(I will be doing that and watching several terrible horror movies). The thing is there is no wrong answer really for Halloween this year because 2020 has been extremely weird and no one could have predicted it.

If you are having a hard time figuring out what to do for Halloween, maybe just stay in, stay warm and enjoy your favorite candy. That's not a bad plan at all.

For more details, check out the Bozeman Police's Facebook.

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