This is a genius idea for the many events that occur in and around Bozeman during the year.

It's the summer in Montana, and public events are a big part of the Bozeman area. All kinds of events happen in the Bozeman area, from parades to charity runs, farmer's markets, and more. These events are great for families or individuals to enjoy a beautiful day in the Gallatin Valley and experience something new.

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One thing that has been on many locals' minds is the public safety of these events. How can we make these events safer for the general public and ease their anxiety? The Bozeman Police is here to help.

The Bozeman Police announced a new kind of barricade to be implemented during public events in the Bozeman area, and these barricades are high-tech. Check out the video below.

Credit: Bozeman Police via Facebook

As you can tell from the video, these barriers help stop vehicles in their tracks. These barriers are more reliable than the Road Closed signs and are easy to set up and tear down after an event.

These are a fantastic addition to public safety and another great move by the Bozeman Police.

We know many folks get weary about going to public events with everything that happens in the world, but it's fantastic to see the Bozeman Police is here to make you feel safe and enjoy public events this summer.

With Music On Main coming up soon, keep an eye out for these barriers to be implemented in downtown Bozeman. They will become the new standard with public events in Bozeman.

For more details, check out the Bozeman Police Department.

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