Careful, though. Our answers might be eerily telling about the problems Bozeman is experiencing, even without the benefit of information time travel.

Sure, timing the housing market would make you a much richer person but that kind of stuff isn't really what I'm talking about. Let's stick to stuff like good advice, recommendations and things to appreciate before they're gone.

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We hear it all the the time that "Bozeman ain't what it used to be" but this doesn't have to be a complete b*** session. In fact, some of the things I personally would tell my younger self, have to deal with things like burritos and stuff. (No real shock there.)

For instance:

1) Don't worry about the Pickle Barrel. It will still be around and as delicious as ever. However, DO enjoy The Burrito Shop while you can. That place will close up and you'll never be able to find that particular taste again.

2) Enjoy the Gallatin Gateway Inn as much as you possibly can. Eat there. Stay there. Swim there. Hang out by the pond more. One day, that gorgeous historic building will be used only for employee housing, for a community you're not allowed to enter. Seriously.

3) Get the recipe from Kate at the Leaf & Bean for their chicken salad. One day, that wonderful lady will move away and not only will you miss her dearly, but you'll NEVER be able to replicate that recipe.

Bozeman Blue Sky Motel - Google street view
Bozeman Blue Sky Motel - Google street view

4) The more weed you smoke, the longer college will take you. So, try to smoke a little less weed. (It will eventually be legal anyway.)

So those are just a few of the things I'd tell my younger self about things I loved in Bozeman. Small details? Perhaps. But I tell you what...I sure miss all the great parties and weddings and memories made out at the Gallatin Gateway Inn. (Almost as much as I miss Kate's chicken salad sandwiches.)

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