Well, are we really surprised by this accolade? We aren't in the slightest.

MSN Lifestyle came out with a listing of the Best Snowy Winter Towns in North American and of the fifteen towns on the list, there was only one Montana town. Bozeman, Montana, landed on the list and it's no surprise.

Downtown Bozeman, Montana
Townsquare Media

Bozeman was chosen for the list for a multitude of reasons, we are close to Big Sky Resort and Bridger Bowl but we also have incredible shopping and restaurants to choose from as well. Then the other kicker is that we are close to Yellowstone National Park as a bonus.

Bozeman is definitely an easy choice for this list for Montana. We have the busiest airport in Montana with so many direct flights to big hub cities so getting hear is easier than other towns in our state and Yellowstone will always be a huge attraction at anytime of the year.

The thing is, I think there is one other town in Montana that should be heavily considered for best snowy winter town and that is Whitefish. Whitefish is nestled in northwest Montana and has one of the best resorts with Whitefish Mountain Resort(or more commonly known as Big Mountain to locals). Plus, their town is filled with fantastic shopping and delicious restaurants and you are a close drive to Glacier National Park.

Bozeman is definitely the safety choice for a great snowy winter town in North America but in all honesty, we could share the love with some other spots in Montana that deserve as much credit.

For more details, check out MSN Lifestyle.

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