I mean there are a couple really good choices in Montana, but I am surprised they chose this one here in Bozeman.

Credit:Adam Berry/Getty Images

When you think of a good beer bar, you think of a great selection of beer and a great menu to be accompanied by your beer. Well, the website The Thrillist put out a list of the best beer bars in every state and the one for Montana is right here in Bozeman. The best beer bar in Montana is...Montana Ale Works.

I am actually surprised by this. Don't get me wrong, Montana Ale Works is fantastic and has a great selection of beer and has a great menu, but I feel like The Bozeman Taproom could have easily got this as well. Both have over 40 different beers, most of them local,  to choose from and both have food and are perfect places for dinner. What do you think? Do you think Montana Ale Works is the best beer bar in Montana? Let me know.

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