Horses have the right of way over hikers AND bikers. From Sypes to Sourdough, Bozeman has over 80 miles of trails that are much loved and well maintained. With so much added traffic this summer, let's chat about trail etiquette for those not familiar.

More people. Dogs or no dogs. Hikers and bikers. Who has the right of way? Is that a bear in the bushes? Stay out of the way of folks on horseback. They have the right of way going up OR down a trail.

We checked in with the Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) for the rules of the trails. We also listed several great hiking resources (that we love). Those sites are filled with blogs, advice, gear reviews, trail info, hiking 101 tips, advanced info, etc.

  • Here's the lowdown on the Gallatin Valley Land Trust:
  • The GVLT is the organization that facilitates land grants, trail design, connectivity and maintenance of the trails in and around Bozeman. They are trail magicians.
  • The GVLT has been around since 1990.
  • "Gallatin Valley Land Trust connects people, communities, and open lands through conservation of working farms and ranches, healthy rivers, and wildlife habitat, and the creation of trails in the Montana headwaters of the Missouri and Upper Yellowstone Rivers."
  • Hiking, Backpacking & Camping Gear Reviews, Skill Tutorials & Trip Guides
  • Montana Wilderness Association: You'll find one of the easiest to read statewide trail maps that highlights state park trails. Absolutely worth a few minutes.
  • If you're looking for trails and info about hikes further west (think National Parks like Yosemite), this site is a good resource.

Bozeman is certainly blessed with one of the best trail systems in the country. In town, out of town, urban and rural. How we treat them and use them responsibly will determine Bozeman's quality of life for generations to come.

Trail Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts



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