Trying to get tickets for the biggest sporting event in Montana proved to be an absolute nightmare for some folks, including me. 

The Montana State Bobcat football game has one of the biggest games of the year coming up on Saturday, December 18th at noon at Bobcat Stadium. For the first time in two years, the Bobcat football team is in the FCS Semifinal game, and for the first time since they won their national championship run in 1984, they are hosting the semifinal game in Bozeman. 

Today, they released all of the remaining tickets available to the public to buy, and let's say it was a journey to acquire tickets to this huge event. So I thought I was prepared, I had my phone, my work computer, and my laptop ready to access TicketsWest and get tickets. I know that it was going to be rough because I know a lot of folks were wanting to get tickets. 

Montana State Football via Facebook
Montana State Football via Facebook

So I got through on my phone and work computer and had secured tickets on the sideline and standing room only, and when I went to pay for my purchase, the website crashed. Was I heartbroken? Yes. I tried to get tickets again through the website, but they said they didn't have any available. So I called in a Hail Mary. 

I drove up to the Bobcat Ticket Office, hoping they could have any tickets left, and there was a long line of folks. Luckily when I made it to the booth there were still Standing Room Only tickets available. I was ecstatic, and now I will be going to one of the biggest Bobcat games in the past forty years. 

I can't wait to be there for our Bobcat team and hopefully help them get a victory and move on to the FCS National Championship game. 

Go Cats!

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