Black Friday means waking up about an hour after you went to bed on Thanksgiving night, it means a stop for coffee and it means standing in the freezing cold just waiting for that store's front door to open and let us barge toward the discounted scarf, the huge TV and the one-of-a-kind toy that Santa said he would get. I'm already tired. However, I'd do it for the $1 million that one store is offering!

This year, Huffington Post is listing a bunch of Black Friday deals all the way down to the best buys and the awesome door busters. We'll keep those updated.

Here are the stores with awesome deals (some even online so keep an eye out):

If you have never faced the Black Friday madness, don't go in assuming you'll figure it out. There is strategy involved in order to get what you want and to saaaaaave yourrrrrselllllllffff! Here are tips from seasoned Black Friday shoppers.

Are you planning on going out?

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