With the weather getting nicer comes road construction and projects that will be not only frustrating but slowing you to get your final destination but this one project is something you need to keep on your radar.

The Montana Department of Transportation announced a huge road construction project for the City of Bozeman at the intersection of 7th Avenue and Griffin Drive. The plan is to add new lanes for traffic and adding turn signals and this will be a huge undertaking.

The intersection of 7th Avenue and Griffin Drive is currently one of the most frustrating in Bozeman currently. There aren't enough lanes to deal with the huge amount of traffic it sees and the light has zero turn signals so some folks might get backed up for quite a while waiting for someone holding up until they can make a turn.

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The area that 7th Avenue and Griffin Drive deal with handles a lot of traffic due to many folks use Frontage Road to get back to Belgrade or not use the freeway in case there is an accident or traffic is backed up. Plus, there is been huge growth of businesses on Griffin Drive and this will help alleviate traffic from that as well.

The only thing is, this project isn't supposed to start till the summer of 2023 so do we not only have to deal with the traffic for now but when this project gets started the construction might make it even worse. The thing is though, when this project gets done, this intersection will be so smooth and not a pain anymore.

For more details, check out the Montana Department of Transportation.

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