Celebrity or not, if you're trying to get through the celeb entrance at Drake's show, security at Coachella isn't havin' it!

Good ol' Biebs is at it again. Is he grinding on Ariana Grande? Is he dating Kylie Jenner? I can't confirm those facts but I can tell you that security at Coachella put Justin Bieber in a chokehold then sent him packin'.

There may be a lawsuit. You can win in court if the case is "embarrassment" right?

TMZ reports that, on Sunday, Bieber arrived with his own security to see Drake's show at Coachella. Biebs had been there all weekend celebrating with friends. When he tried to enter through the artists' entrance, festival security informed Biebs that the area was at capacity. Just a side note: Bieber was personally invited to the show by Drake.

Security insisted Justin leave the area and he initially refused saying he would be mobbed by people at the concert. A festival staffer offered to escort Bieber and his security team to a new location when Coachella security cam up and put Biebs in a chokehold. Some say he was kicked out after that and some say he left on his own. Either way, Justin is threatening to sue.

PLUS he missed the makeout session between Madonna and Drake! That's probably why he's so upset!


Okay, well. Let's watch a little video, shall we?