I know this because I'm afraid I'm going to end up as a meme on their street view images. Everyone knows about Google Maps and their vehicles that periodically capture the world. HOWEVER, Apple is in the game as well and the Apple vehicle is making it's way through Montana. But there are issues.

Apple Maps has been around for several years but unlike so many Apple features, it wasn't great. It's sort of a new ballgame now and it functions much better than it used to. Dare I say it's better than Google Maps? It has an EV charging station finder, it can find your parked car, and can help you FIND a parking spot. That's not really the point here.

If you're not much of an Apple person, the Apple maps car is a real thing and it's making it's way through Montana capturing street images for updates. There may be several out taking pictures, but I do know that one of them drove right by me the other day...in a less than flattering position.

Let me start with how I captured the picture of the Apple Map car. No, I had no idea it was in the area, but I DID have a sneaking suspicion that these vehicles make more than one pass to make sure they capture enough images. So, I took a picture of the car taking pictures of me the SECOND time it went by. It was just sort of a gut feeling.

Photo by Julian O'hayon on Unsplash
Photo by Julian O'hayon on Unsplash

Now, the FIRST time the Apple Map car went by, it may have captured me in perhaps the least flattering situation. No, I wasn't bending over right in front of it, but it was almost as bad. There is a distinct possibility that I'll end up in a collection of 'trashy people caught on Apple Maps". Seriously.

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The Apple Maps car drove by on a Saturday, and if we're home on Saturdays - we're project people. Painting something. Organizing the garage. Working on cars. Repurposing a piece of furniture. DIRTY stuff. And when I do dirty stuff, I wear crappy clothes and drink beer. Not odd, I don't think. Unless you get 'caught on film' doing it.

I was taking a break when the Apple Maps car rolled by. I was sitting on this little rolley-cart-small-bench thing we have for detailing cars, and I was sitting out of the way near the end of our sidewalk - in perfect view of the street. Picture if you will - me on the rolling bench, wearing a ripped NEON orange tank top, purple Crocs on my feet, hair in a super messy bun, taking a huge swig out of a can of beer while peering directly at the Apple car taking images.

The moral of the story here is, be careful in the coming weeks about how you look in your own damned front yard. Or don't. But just know that however good or bad you look, you might be captured for the world to see on Apple Maps.

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