The world felt terrible sadness when the passing of Betty White was announced. Not only was she an icon for many growing up in her role on "The Golden Girls", but she played many roles in movies as a spicy, fun-loving, "grandma" character. White has had many accomplishments in her life and was loved by everyone she met.

A passion of White's was working with rescue animals, animal shelters, and many animal rights organizations. Her love for pets was known by all her fellow actors and actresses, often showing up to interviews with an animal from one of the shelters. Bringing awareness to the cause was one of White's ultimate goals.

The "Betty White Challenge" is super easy to participate in. Fans around the US are asking that everyone who can donate a minimum of $5 to a shelter of their choice in Betty White's name ON her birthday. This would have been White's 100th birthday and donating is a way to give her a "heavenly" gift.

Here are a few of the Animal Shelters near Bozeman where you can participate in the #BettyWhiteChallenge:

There are many other shelters around the community and state. Give them a quick search, and let's participate in the #BettyWhiteChallenge!

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