After reading this list of the best small towns, I am surprised that more Montana towns weren't on this list.

If there is one thing true about Montana, it's that Montana has all kinds of small towns for people to explore and enjoy. Anywhere you go in Montana, there are small towns ranging from a couple of thousand people to a handful of individuals.

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It's what makes Montana so unique. These small towns have different personalities, and the people are kind and helpful. The real question is, which small towns are the best in Montana?

Far & Wide published a list of The 100 Best Small Towns in America, and two Montana towns landed on the list. The only guideline for the best small towns was each town must have a population under 10,000. Many Montana towns fit those criteria, so which towns are the best?

Starting near the bottom of the list is Whitefish. Whitefish landed at #94, and that seems relatively low. Whitefish is a gorgeous small town in Northwest Montana, and it's easy to see why it made the list. Whitefish has an incredible ski mountain, a massive lake, a fantastic downtown area, and is close to Glacier National Park. My brother and sister used to live there, and I made an excuse to visit them as much as possible because Whitefish is a lovely town.

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The other Montana town on the list was Big Sky at #42. If you love snowboarding or skiing, this is the town to live in. Big Sky is a small, tight-knit community that sees a massive increase in population during the winter, but the summers are as fantastic. Big Sky has started discussions on becoming incorporated, which means the small town will officially become a town with emergency services and more.

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Visit Big Sky via Facebook

It makes sense that these two towns made the 100 Best Small Towns in America, but we feel they missed a few. One town that should be included on the list is Bigfork. Sitting right on Flathead Lake, Bigfork is a beautiful area and a blossoming downtown. The other town we would love to see on this list is Philipsburg. Philipsburg downtown is small-town America and has one of the best breweries in the Pacific Northwest.

Are there any other small towns in Montana that should be included? Let us know on the app.

To see the entire Top 100 Small Towns in America, check out Far & Wide.

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