Who doesn't want to eat delicious ribs and fall into a meat coma? Doesn't everybody?

Montana is filled with big-time meat eaters. We love meat, chicken, pork, and all the wild game we can get. Whether the meal involves steaks, burgers, sausages, or something else, people love delicious meat.

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One of the best meats to eat is tasty ribs. Ribs are a massive part of barbecue restaurants and can be shared with several people. Ribs can have dry or wet rubs and usually come with several sauces to enhance flavor.

Montana has several prolific barbecue restaurants in the state, but where is the best place to get ribs? We have that answer, and it's a wild card.

The best ribs in Montana come from Blue's BBQ in Billings. Blue's BBQ ribs are known as wet ribs; according to reviews, they are absolutely delicious. The best part is you won't break the bank buying these ribs. It's only $27 for the whole rack of ribs. That's a steal.

Blue's BBQ via Facebook
Blue's BBQ via Facebook

Blue's BBQ must have some tasty ribs to beat out places like Notorious PIG in Missoula, Piggyback BBQ in Whitefish, and Follow Yer' Nose in Pray.

If you don't want to travel to Billings for ribs, we have a few good places in the Gallatin Valley. There is Bourbon in Bozeman, and Bar 3 BBQ in Belgrade is nearby to us. Plus, Follow Yer' Nose is slightly outside Livingston.

Follow Yer Nose BBQ brisket - FYN Facebook
Follow Yer Nose BBQ brisket - FYN Facebook

If you're traveling to eastern Montana this summer and need some tasty ribs, stop at Blue's BBQ and see what the fuss is about.

For more details, check out Lovefood.

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