Summer is upon us there's not a lot of ways that are better to spend a beautiful Montana day than being around friends, enjoying the gorgeous scenery and having a beverage on a great patio.

Where are the best patio spots in Bozeman though? We have a list that might help.

  • Taproom

    Bozeman Taproom

    Gorgeous rooftop patio and views that are fantastic. Plus, their beer selection is pretty awesome.

  • Crystal Bar

    Crystal Bar

    Another great rooftop bar to have a drink and hang out with friends. This place is a must, especially during Music on Main.

  • Bar IX

    Bar IX

    Their back patio is perfect to have a nice, relaxing drink while enjoying the weather. Plus, the stream that runs next to the bar helps set the summer mood.

  • Ted's Montana Grill

    Ted's Montana Grill

    Whether you want to hang out on the front patio next to Main Street, or on the back patio and enjoy a nice secluded spot, this place has everything.