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What do you think? Does Netflix need to pay up? I took the poll shortly before noon on Thursday and nearly 65% of those who answered the question, over 13,000 people, seemed to agree with me: Netflix needs to compensate Glasgow, Montana photographer Sean Heavey.

Comparison imagery courtesy Sean Heavey
Comparison imagery courtesy Sean Heavey, Stranger Things image courtesy Netflix
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Photographer Sean R. Heavey was watching the hit series Stranger Things on Netflix when he spotted a storm cloud that looked strangely familiar. It turns out the show had apparently used one of Heavey’s photos while creating the scene, and Heavey isn’t happy about it.

After Heavey reached out to Netflix with his complaint, the company responded by saying that the cloud in his photo isn’t protected by copyright.

By the way, Heavey's photo gallery is right across from KLTZ radio in Glasgow, Montana. It is highly worth a visit if you make the trip. I'm not only a big fan of Heavey's photos, I'm also a huge fan of Stranger Things on Netflix. A friend described the show best when she said it is like a combination of Goonies and ET.

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