It's that time of the year to grab a blanket, snuggle up on the couch, and watch scary movies. You might as well watch a horror movie filmed and set in Montana.

It's the spooky season, and most folks will use this time of the year to binge-watch or host horror movie marathons. There are so many fantastic movies to watch during October that every streaming service has all types of scary films to choose from daily.

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There are so many horror franchises and unique horror movies, but one thing you should try to enjoy is a scary movie that is either set or filmed in Montana.

Photo by Stefano Pollio via Unsplash
Photo by Stefano Pollio via Unsplash

You might be surprised to learn, but we don't have many spooky films set or filmed in Montana. It's a pretty small list of films. So which one is the best?

Some would say The Shining because they filmed parts of it in Glacier National Park, and last year, a guy on TikTok thinks the most iconic horror movie from Montana is a found footage film called Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County.

Photo by Kenny Eliason via Unsplash
Photo by Kenny Eliason via Unsplash

We have a new contender for the best horror movie in Montana. This film is set in Montana and was filmed down the road in Livingston. That movie is The Organ Trail.

The Organ Trail follows a young girl during a brutal winter in Montana during the 1880s and has to fend for herself against thieves for survival. Check out the trailer below.

Just watching the trailer, you can tell the movie is brutal in their view of how rough winters were in Montana during a time when the state was brand new and the land was lawless.

How can you watch this movie? If you have Paramount+, it's one of their exclusive films. Paramoutn+ has a pretty solid horror movie collection.

If you want to watch a horror movie all about Montana, check out The Organ Trail.

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