Nothing is better on a hot summer day than getting an ice cream cone with your favorite flavor, but there are some flavors offered by these Bozeman area ice cream shops you should check out.


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    Genuine Ice Cream

    Located in a streamline camper on Main Street, Genuine Ice Cream has so many interesting flavors to try out. The one you should try is Peanut Butter Oreo.

  • 2

    Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

    Sweet Peaks Ice Cream on Main Street and 8th is a perfect spot to get out of the sun and grab an ice cream cone. The flavors to try out are Yeti Tracks (cocunut ice cream with chocolate chips and cookies and cream) or Montana Mint.

  • 3

    Wilcoxson's Ice Cream

    They don't have a shop but you can get Wilcoxson's Ice Cream at Burger Bob's, The Chocolate Moose, and many other places. The flavors to check out are Bobcat Batter or Moose Tracks.