Halloween is definitely one of the best times of the year.

One reason is that you can get a big group of friends together or by yourself binge watch horror films to get you in the spirit and scare your pants off. There are so many horror franchises that you can watch.

As a horror fanatic, I thought I would do a list of my top six movie franchises to watch during Halloween. I did have some rules, though. I made sure that all of these franchises have at least three films (sorry, Gremlins) and have been out for at least  10 years (sorry, Insidious and The Conjuring, which are both fantastic and I highly recommend as well).

  • 1

    Evil Dead

    Even though it only has four films in the franchise they are all fantastic to watch. Plus, if you want more Evil Dead mania, check out the TV show that is just as great as the films.

    New Line Cinema
  • 2


    Listen, I know I might get a lot of criticism for this but honestly, this series is pretty good. It has a good flow over seven films and there is a reboot/sequel coming out right before Halloween. Plus, the traps over the series get more and more inventive and make you wonder if you could survive.

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  • 3

    A Nightmare on Elm Street

    OK, I'll be honest here, half are pretty good and the others are awful. Nevertheless, these films are great and the puns are hilarious coming from Freddy Krueger.

    New Line Cinema
  • 4


    How can I not put this on the list? The first film is iconic and amazing. The second one is pretty solid but after that it gets very muddled. I recommend skipping films 3-5. Plus, the the reboot and sequel that were directed by Rob Zombie are very creepy.

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  • 5

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    The original is iconic but the films that followed can either be pretty scary to watch or just plain weird (looking at you, Matthew McConaughey). The thing is Leatherface is a great horror film icon and you should watch his films. The newer ones are pretty good.

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  • 6


    The first film came out when I was still growing up and it changed the horror game. The movie was meta about what to/not to do during a horror film and they just had fun with it. All four films are pretty great to watch.

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