You always want to retire in a spot where you can live comfortably and cost of living won't cost an arm and a leg.

Stacker courtesy of MSN Lifestyle came out with a list of the best county to retire in every state and luckily for us, the best is just down the road from the Gallatin Valley. Stacker has determined that Broadwater County in Montana is the best county for retirement for Montana.

The reasons why Broadwater County was picked was for a multitude of reasons. If you are an outdoorsy type person or a sportsman, this county is chocked full of that for you. Plus, their whole county is just under 6,000 people and the average median house costs is just above $200,000.

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Broadwater County reaches from just shy of East Helena and has Townsend in the heart of the map. Plus, they also include the some parts of Three Forks as well. It's definitely a slower pace of life but it's still Montana life.

When I was looking at the prices and the statistics of Broadwater County, it kind of blew me away how inexpensive it truly is t live there. You can get a good chunk of land for a great price and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking as well. The only problem you might have is during the winter when that highway between Three Forks and Helena can get a little icy.

That sounds pretty good especially how much it costs to own a home and live in Gallatin County.

For more details, check out Stacker.

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