People are moving to and from Montana weekly. If we are not seeing job postings looking for employees, we are seeing employees looking for jobs. Is this a struggle throughout the United States? Or is Montana just a hard spot to find work?

Photo Credit: Canva
Photo Credit: Canva

According to WalletHub's recent study regarding best cities for jobs, Montana has a couple of cities that make the top list.

The study takes some of the bigger cities throughout each state and ranks them on a couple of different methodologies:

1. Job Market; opportunity, growth, starting salary, etc. You can get the full report right here. 

2. Socio-Economics; median annual income, commute to and from work, housing affordability, and more.

WalletHub took 182 cities into consideration when doing this study and found that these two Montana towns are easier than others when finding a job.

Billings, MT. Montana's largest city ranks number 70 out of 182 for Best Cities for Jobs. The billings housing market is much more reasonable than Bozeman's (the city I am in), but they also haven't seen the rise in population we have. Housing is easily available, making it more affordable, hence making the job market more desirable.

Missoula, MT. Missoula ranks 153rd out of 182. Missoula's housing market has taken a bit of a hit in the past year with prices creeping higher and higher due to the demand for housing needed, not being met.

Now with new apartments and homes being built or finished monthly, the housing market should take a dip or at least level out. This, along with the desire for "small-town living", Missoula is a very desirable city to look for employment in.

Source: WalletHub

With WalletHub's new 2023 Best Cities for Jobs study making its way through the internet, perhaps this will push more people to look into other cities to live in, besides the expensive, yet alluring Bozeman.

cc: WalletHub

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