Arnold Schwarzenegger is like an indestructible man-machine, so the mere thought of the Terminator himself being rushed into surgery is a scary one. According to TMZ, the actor underwent emergency open-heart surgery on Friday morning.

The website reports that the 70-year-old Schwarzenegger went to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills on Thursday for a catheter valve replacement, a procedure which then developed complications. But as of now, Schwarzenegger is out of surgery and in stable condition, according to the Los Angeles Times. The actor’s representative told the paper more information would be released later today.

UPDATE: Schwarzenegger’s spokesman Daniel Ketchell has shared the actor’s first words upon waking from surgery and – I kid you not – he said, “I’m back.” He promised us he would be three decades ago, darn it, and he ain’t quitting now.

Ketchell has also shared a statement, clarifying that the surgery was a planned procedure. The actor and former governor had an aortic valve replaced in 1997 after filming Batman & Robin, which was due to a congenial heart defect. Schwarzenegger has spoken about this before, and about his mother’s history of heart health issues. Ketchell wrote on Twitter that the original pulmonic valve was never meant to be permanent, and Schwarzenegger chose to have it replaced Thursday night. Read the full statement below:

We’re wishing you a safe and smooth recovery, Arnold!

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