There’s going to be a new Terminator movie! That fact is exciting to pretty much everyone who did not see or has not heard of the last few Terminators which were, to put it nicely, really bad. Good news: the new Terminator will be ignoring those. Like, completely.

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently revealed to The Terminator Fans (via Heroic Hollywood) that the new film, which will not be titled Terminator 6, will erase the events of Genisys from the timeline. “Cameron was not involved in the others, so he does not acknowledge the others,” he explained, which would make Linda Hamilton’s return make more sense. The next terminator movie would be more of a sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and will be “totally ignoring Genisys.”

I wish I could tell you in detail all the stuff that the franchise would be cutting out by glossing over Terminator: Genisys, but I can’t because I do not remember Terminator: Genisys. I saw this movie! In the theater! With my dad! I could not tell you a thing that happens in it! Emilia Clarke is in it, but I only know that because I’ve seen the poster. That guy who is Jai Courtney but who is also Sam Worthington/Scott Eastwood/Charlie Hunnam is in it too, but, again, he’s also on the poster.

Apparently, the thing that Terminator: Genisys does is erase the other movies from existence completely after that chase scene through the department store by introducing “Pops,” a T-800 who was sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor when she was 9. But the only reason I can tell you that is because I just looked it up. That sounds bad! I don’t remember it! But I sure am glad that James Cameron won’t even be giving that movie the time of day.

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