"lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky."


Every once and a while we come across a person in our life that we just instantly want to be friends with or at least meet one time. Typically this is some sort of celebrity, in this case, it's a local celebrity. Now considering I haven't met this person, this is my "invitation for friendship".

Meet Karly. Now Ms. Karly has been right here in Montana her whole life and gives out some of the best advice I have heard in a long time, especially from a local.

If you have never participated in a Boudoir Photoshoot, you may not understand what "the more awkward you feel, the better the photo" means.

Here is the thing, Karly is definitely a Boss Babe when it comes to Boudoir Photo Shoots. I have done a couple and if I would have had some of her advice prior I would have felt like a pro for sure!

She is funny, cute, AND smart.

Not only does Karly take amazing photos of ladies wanting to feel a little classy, sassy, and "risky", but she also captures the perfect photos for couples.

Your special day should be captured through the eyes of a Karly.

I was actually told about Karly from a dude friend in Illinois. I'm not sure what photo's caught his attention...but I am grateful! She has paved her path to success and it shows when your friends from other states are bragging about her. But how can you not?

But is she ever in Bozeman? Umm...well heck yes she is!

Just when you finally meet someone who you think can do it all and they are dang near close to perfect, you realize they catch animals at their best too. This is not a joke, this is real-life people.

I mean seriously...can a calf get any cuter? Maybe they will let me get a station mascot?

You can AND SHOULD follow Karly on her socials and if you are looking for an amazing gift, photo session, or just need to update those lame family photos that are hanging in the hall, I highly suggest contacting her ASAP.

Karly Hanson on TikTok

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Karly's official website

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