I am not personally one to participate in the hippie lettuce, but with "4.20" right around the corner, will we see AND smell more celebrating this year?

Marijuana has been legal for a few months now in the beautiful state of Montana making April 20th a date to celebrate the first time it will be legal to "puff puff pass" as some like to say. Now if you have had a medical marijuana card for some time, this date may just be like any other day.

In honor of this Montana celebration, I have chosen to share with you some of my favorite "Pot Filled Scenes" from movies. Now some of these are rated "R" but of course, I will make sure there are no swears or at least give you a heads up if there are.

If you haven't seen "Grandma's Boy", you are missing out. A great cast of actors and not to mention, it is super funny.

It seems like you can find "marijuana scenes" more and more these days. It used to be one of those things that were "so bad" daytime television would have never touched the idea.

This last one does have a couple of swears, so here is your warning. "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" is incredibly funny. And I am not so sure about the facts in this scene...but I'll leave that up to the experts.

I know there are a lot more "pot" scenes from movies, BUT they come with lots of swears, so these are the cleanest ones I could find. Happy 4.20 my friends! Be responsible and shop local.

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