TV star Alyssa Milano is in town helping campaign for Rob Quist for the House of Representatives. I decided to walk by the courthouse to see what's up and low and behold, I saw Alyssa Milano there.

Alyssa is in Montana to help get citizens registered to vote for this special election and to help spread the word about Rob Quist. I introduced myself to her and she was very kind and talked to me for a minute about this election. The group she was with decided to head up to Montana State University to help students get registered to vote and learn about this election.

If you are up on campus and see Alyssa Milano say "hi" and introduce yourself. She is very nice and is very passionate about politics. If you take a picture with her tag @bozemanskissfm on Twitter and we will retweet it.

Also, check out Alyssa Milano's Twitter to see her journey in Bozeman.

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