Gathering edibles in the outdoors of Montana has become incredibly popular. What's not to like? Finding food gems while enjoying the best landscape in the country sounds pretty good to us.

Whether you're a seasoned expert and have been foraging for years or a newbie who can't yet recognize edible mushrooms, there are some good foraging resources specific to Montana.

In addition to these videos, further down you'll find a full list of online resources for foraging in Montana. There are 39 different kinds of edible mushrooms! Not all of them are found in our area, but some of the most expensive and best tasting ones are.

The most important thing about foraging is to know what NOT TO EAT. Any expert will tell you that it takes a keen eye to spot certain differences among things like mushrooms or onions. Make the wrong choice and you could end up VERY sick. So if you're a beginner, go with an expert and soak up their knowledge. When in doubt, don't eat it.

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For those who don't want to hike or search too far for their 'found' edibles, we stumbled upon a very helpful website called where they "map the urban harvest." Seriously, this site is cool and you'll find all sorts of locations in Montana, along with the rest of the planet.

Grab your basket and some good walking shoes and enjoy the bounty of edible plants you can find in the Montana outdoors. We can't wait to see your success!

Best Groups for Montana Foraging and Mushroom Hunting

If you love gathering fresh and wild edibles, these are the best online resources to learn the basics or share your expertise. Foraging is a labor of love for special food, and it requires important knowledge along with lots of patience.

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