Rappers have a special way of sharing sound advice and wisdom via Twitter. Take Kanye West's feed, for example, who taught us multiple lessons in manhood like how we should never settle for the cheese tortellini or the necessity of perfecting the Haiku.

Yesterday, 50 Cent's Twitter caught our attention, because his rapper wisdom ran deep. Normally he tweets stuff like “Stay out my business fool. I should black your eye” and “Ok I need some money, like 300 million watch me get it." On this particular day, 50 Cent decided to get all preachy on us by tweeting his personal anti-masturbation tips.


Wait-- so a guy who's cranked out hits like 'Candy Shop' and 'Wanksta' doesn't give his own wangsta a little attention now and then? Riiight.

Although we’re sure as hell not going to follow the rapper’s advice, we do appreciate his delivery. Now, to dispense of all these lust-filled magazines.

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