50 Cent is in big trouble. Page Six is reporting that the rap mogul is being investigated by the NYPD over an Instagram post where it appears that he’s threatening a Brooklyn precinct official, who is being accused of extorting a hip-hop nightclub.

Apparently, in the now-deleted IG post, he wrote “Get the strap,” which is tagline he writes at the end of his trolling posts. “Strap” is slang for gun.

The NYPD doesn’t think it’s funny and feels it’s a direct threat to the 72nd Precinct boss Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez. According to Page Six, Lust club owner Imran Jairam filed a $125 million lawsuit against NYPD and Gonzalez who he claims asked for freebies and for Jairam to pay for his off-duty humanitarian trip to Puerto Rico. While these attempted shakedowns were going on, the club was also getting slapped with unwarranted inspections and summonses.

Back to Fif, the NYPD is mulling over on whether to charge him with misdemeanor aggravated harassment, since they believe that he gave a direct threat to cause bodily harm.

“There is a formal complaint on file for Aggravated Harassment and detectives are investigating,” an NYPD spokesperson confirmed.

50 Cent's rep, Amanda K. Ruisi, denies that the rapper was threatening a cop. She insists that "Get The Strap” is a playful turn of phrase that he uses to describe "outrageous situations."

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