Bozeman is an awesome city that has many terms that locals use that might seem confusing to people new to the area or just visiting. So, to help out some of the incoming students to Montana State, I thought I would give my Five Terms Incoming Montana State Students Should Know.

  • Credit:Bar IX
    Credit:Bar IX

    Bucket Night

    "Bucket Night" refers to the insanity that happens every Thursday night at Bar IX in downtown Bozeman. This is a place where you can literally get a bucket of whatever mixed drink you want for just $10. People share and then dance the night away while holding their bucket. I guarantee if you are having a tough Thursday, this will make your night better.

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    Bar-muda Triangle

    So, instead of the Bermuda Triangle, Bozeman has the "Bar-muda Triangle." This refers to the three bars that are close in location to each other. The Molly Brown, The Haufbrau and Scoop Bar make up the Bar-muda Triangle. Visiting can be a night of pure fun.

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    This is a huge help for all of you college students. If you hear people talk about the "Streamline," they are talking about the free public transportation offered in and around Bozeman. This will be a huge help for you guys looking to get downtown and back to campus if you are downtown partying. If you didn't read this earlier - it's free to the public.

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    Power Hour

    "Power Hour" is the best term to know for anyone who is of age and who likes cheap drinks. Power Hour is at the Crystal Bar from 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. It's when the bar has cheap, cheap drinks. Get there a little before 11 p.m. to get a good spot, because it will be filled wall-to-wall with people trying to take advantage of Power Hour.

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    Blue Light

    This is actually a really cool part of Bozeman. When people talk about the "blue light," they're talking about something you need to learn for the winter if you love to ski/snowboard. The "blue light" refers to the light at the top of the Baxter Hotel. When you see it blinking, that means it's snowing up at Bridger Bowl.

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