I can not believe Christmas is this weekend. I totally thought I was up on my Christmas shopping but it wasn't until these last couple of days that I really realized how wrong I was. I started my shopping early thinking I was going to get a jump on things but that turned into more time to procrastinate which means I definitely have not got presents for my mom and or dad. If you are anything like me you might be stressing a little bit but luckily I came across the six Christmas presents you do not want to get your parents. So here you have it starting with the dads.

Your dad does not want clothing, gifts to improve his appearance and last no tools.

So now what to not get your mom which she is the hardest for me to shop for. Your mom does not want a big bottle of perfume, something from an infomercial and or a complicated gadget.

I hope this will help I was just about to head to the mall for a bottle of perfume for my mom and a tool for my dad good thing I stumbled across this list:)
Merry Christmas