It looks like Nick and Mariah are expecting twins. The couple tried to keep it a secret. That was until it became a matter of "national security" and Mariah let it slip.

Michael K -

People says that on his radio show this morning, Nick let it be known that his wife is now eating for three. Nick and Mimi were trying to keep the news locked inside their lips for as long as they could, but he says he just had to blurt it out when the Obamas asked about her uterus situation after the Christmas in Washington Concert on Sunday night.

Nick explained, "They, ironically enough, questioned my wife about, you know, 'So, what are you having, are you having twins? And at this point she hadn't told anybody anything because doctors advised us to keep it to ourselves until we get further along. And because of the excitement, because of the emotion, she was overwhelmed [and] she shared with the President and First Lady that we are having twins."

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