Spider-Man took a great fall during a preview of the still in the works Broadway Musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Audience members could only sit and wait in hopes that their favorite neighborhood Spider was OK. We found a blog from an audience member that sheds light on the story.

The musical has been reportedly running into many road blocks and has been delays several times. But fans have been willing to wait seeing as how it is Spider-Man and the musical score was done by U2's Bono and The Edge.

Read just what happened last night.

Christine - OnLocationVacations.com

The musical started out fine and we actually had a fantastic seat in the balcony, right next to one of Spidey’s perches where he would land after flying above the audience on wires, safely secured by a harness.

But, shortly after the second half of the musical got underway, things went very wrong. Spider-Man, who was perched on top of a ramp extending toward the audience (made to look like a NYC skyscraper) came sliding down to save MJ, who was hanging from the edge of the ramp/building, but instead of catching her, they both went tumbling over the ledge into the pit.

The music stopped, an announcement was made that show was going to “pause” and you could hear people beneath the stage in a panic. “Is He Alive?”, one man shouted, while another screamed, “Call 911″. You could also hear a woman screaming in terror. It was scary (especially considering this was the first time to a Broadway show for much of the young audience).

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