So could we please have all the rap nerds raise their hands? Good, I am glad you all came. Tomorrow night, Wednesday the 24th, The Zebra will be hosting Sole and the Skyrider Band for an evening of unconventional hip hop infusion that promises to mix up ladies night. Sole, founding member of Anticon records and alt-rap virtuoso has been promoting himself and his eccentric style for years. The new album, Hello Cruel World is another step in the compelling and unique progression of this independent hip hop paragon.  Playing along the lines of more abstract sound production and dark, intellectual lyrics that sometimes have a tendency to be more satire than traditional rap content, Sole has carved out a unique niche in the rap world. This fast and furious stream of consciousness experimental sound with a live electro band will be out of the norm for ladies night, but as they say, spice of life.

Tickets are available at the door, $2 ladies and $4 dudes. See you there, heads.