We at KISS FM put up a poll not too long ago asking where you find new music.  The answers varied a bit, but one of the most common was Concerts.  I would imagine that not only do the acts that play show you new music, but also the people who are at the shows.  The majority of the people at shows are there for the same reason, the show. Right?  So it makes sense that everyone is into similar music, and sharing that music with each other is something that should be celebrated.

There is a show coming that will give you the perfect chance to talk to like minded people who may be able to put you on track of something good you have never heard of, and also for you to return the favor. Gift of Gab.  Known for his list of solo albums and also albums with Blackalicous and Quannum Projects. Gab is on his Album Release Tour, so it's the perfect chance to snatch up something you may not have yet too.


Saturday April 7th at the Zebra Cocktail Lounge.  Watch a hip hop legend, Gift of Gab, perform live.  Entry is on $8 at the door.