What up me friends?

So I just returned from a weeklong trip to San Francisco, and it seems that a little bit of San Francisco is coming out to meet us in return. Wednesday the 20th you can come check the Bayliens a la Zebra courtesy of Kiss and Justus Entertainment with some California ear loving. The Bayliens have been pulling DNA out of diverse musical genres creating their own unique sound and setting them outside the typical bay area scenes. The Bayliens are J Three, Enzyme Dynomite (Emcees and front men), DJ True Justice (tables and cuts) and Spaceman Cell (drum beats and miscellaneous robot toys.) Being their own enigmatic musical mutant, the Bayliens combine the individual styles of their unique skills and backgrounds on the underdog slide, relating to their fans more than the typical harsh hip hop holdfasts of hubris and flair. Their freshman album Crop Circles dropped in 2007 with the single Bubblegum, so it is just about time to hear some newness at next weeks show. If you want to come play with the bay and your local hip hop heads, check it out, good music never hurt anyone and everyone likes drink specials. Hip hop Bozeman, we deserve it.