New movies this weekend include Aurthur Remake, Your Highness, Hanna and Soul Surfer.  Inside there are the trailers for all of them as well as some indie or less widely released movies.

"Arthur"  (PG-13)

The "Arthur" remake stars Russell Brand  as an irresponsible, drunken playboy who's the sole heir to a billion dollar fortune.  Helen Mirren  is his life-long nanny Hobson.

--Jennifer Garner is in it as the ambitious corporate executive he has to marry unless he wants to be cut off from his inheritance.  But he's already in love with a working class girl, so he decides to give up the money and grow up.

--Arthur was played by Dudley Moore in the 1981 original, with Sir John Gielgud as Hobson and Liza Minnelli as the working class girl.

"Your Highness"  (R)

A medieval comedy starring James Franco and Danny McBride as two brothers on a quest to rescue Zooey Deschanel from an evil wizard.  Natalie Portman is a sexy warrior chick who joins their quest.

"Hanna"  (PG-13)

Saoirse Ronan from "The Lovely Bones" plays a teenager who's been trained by her ex-CIA father to be the perfect assassin.  Eric Bana plays her dad and Cate Blanchett is the agent trying to get her before she kills her target.

"Soul Surfer"  (PG)

AnnaSophia Robb plays surfer Bethany Hamilton, the chick who lost her left arm to a shark and then returned to competitive surfing.  Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid play her parents, Carrie Underwood plays her church youth group leader, and Jack Nicholson's daughter Lorraine Nicholson plays a surfer.

"Ceremony"  (R)  (Limited)

"Sky High's" Michael Angarano plays a younger man who crashes Uma Thurman's wedding in a desperate effort to try to win her back.

"Meet Monica Velour"  (R)  (Limited)

Kim Cattrall plays a washed-up '80s porno star who lives in a trailer park and strips to make ends meet.  A 21-year-old geek named Dustin Ingram plays a teenage fan who befriends her, even though she doesn't quite live up to his mental image.

"Henry's Crime"  (R)  (New York only.  It opens in L.A. on the 15th.)

Keanu Reeves takes the fall for a bank robbery he didn't commit.  When he gets out of jail he decides to actually do the crime he served time for, and he gets his former cellmate James Caan to help him.

"Born to be Wild 3D"  (G)  (Limited IMAX release)

This is an IMAX movie about orphaned animals and the people who rescue and raise them.  And it's narrated by . . . who else? . . . Morgan Freeman.