New movies out today are Cowboys and Aliens,  Smurfs and Crazy Stupid Love.  Watch the trailers here and decide if your going to get tickets and make a date for some movie action this weekend.  Also, some trailers for upcoming movies that look good.  Tower Heist and Ides of March.  Which looks the best?

The Smurfs.  Hank Azaria, Neil Patrick Harris and Glee's Jayma Mays in the live animation movie reincarnation of the old cartoon series.  Opens today.

Cowboys and Aliens.  Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in a movie that is just that.  Cowboys and Aliens.  A little twist on the old west. Opens today.

Crazy. Stupid. Love. Steve Carell gets dumped by his cheating wife, and starts taking dating lessons from a guy he meets at a bar, played by Ryan Gosling.  The rest of the cast includes Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei, and Kevin Bacon

Tower Heist stars Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy and Alan Alda in an action comedy about a staff of people in a NYC living complex stealing back their retirement money they believed they were investing but was stolen via fraud.

The Ides Of March starring George Clooney, Ryan Gossling and more.  A political drama that looks intense.  With an all-star cast and George Clooney directing this is one not to be missed.