As you’ve surely already heard, last week there was a horrendous crime in Miami where a man was shot to death by police as he was chewing off a good part of another man’s face. This was just one of a recent spate of gruesome incidents involving cannibalism and body parts that have led some to suggest the “zombie apocalypse,” which has been so prevalent in pop culture as of late, is very real and upon us.

So maybe it’s not the best time to dress up like a zombie and go around trying to scare people. Especially in Miami, which was where Vitaly Zdorovetskiy pulled this questionable prank. See what happened.

Zdorovetsky has a history of pulling gonzo stunts and posting them on YouTube. But in the past they have involved relatively benign behaviors like trying to pick up girls and “public trolling.”

The zombie prank, however, carried with it quite a bit of risk, as he really frightened most of the folks he encountered. In fact, at the two minute mark of the video, somebody appears to pull a gun on Zdorovetsky!

Nevertheless, we found the video pretty darn hilarious. And just imagine how scared everybody would have been if they could’ve also heard the creepy background music when zombie Zdorovetsky was stalking them.

We were also heartened to see, at the end of the video, humans getting over their fear and banding together to attack the Walker. So maybe if there really is a zombie apocalypse we will somehow survive it.

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