It's always great to see Montana State's Bobcat Stadium in full display, especially with all of their additions, but this video misses the mark. 

I was surfing around YouTube the other day, and I found a channel called The Wide World of Stadiums, and one of their most recent videos is one showing off the Big Sky Conference Football Stadiums.

I decided to give it a watch, and I instantly started laughing because this channel might be dedicated to stadiums around the world they don't have any knowledge or updated images of the venues they are talking about. Check out the video below. 

First off, I immediately recognize that the narrator is from another country, and that is not a big deal but try to do some research. The Wide World of Stadiums says this was their biggest requested FCS conference and they didn't understand why it was called the Big Sky Conference, the channel thinks big sky would be more suitable to flatter areas.  

Then they show off one of the oldest Google Earth images of Bobcat Stadium, and it's so dated. First off, they are showing when the stadium didn't even have a paved parking lot. It's all grass around the stadium, which is wild to see, and they even bother to get an updated image where we have a whole new building in our North Endzone. 

You might ask, is this video old? No, this video was made in late October 2021. So The Wide World of Stadiums could have done Bobcat Stadium justice. Even though Bobcat Stadium has always been awesome, why not show off what the place looks like now? 

Makes you want to shake your head. 

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