We got an email from a guy (we'll keep him anonymous) asking you for advice on whether or not he should go to the Super Bowl. He wants to but once his girlfriend found out that his ex would be part of the group going to the game, she automatically assumes he will cheat on her. What should he do? Here's his email:

I am a huge Seahawks fan. I was planning on watching the Super Bowl at home with a few friends. Just yesterday I got a call from one of my buddies who said his brother had some stuff come up to where he can't go this weekend so WOULD I LIKE TO GO TO THE SUPER BOWL?!?!?

I'd like to say that I played it cool and acted like a man but I was near tears. I've been a hawks fan my whole life and the thought of seeing them play in the Super Bowl is beyond a bucket list item for me.

I immediately said yes.

Last night I found out that my ex-girlfriend will also be part of the group going down to Arizona. I currently have a girlfriend. She's NOT happy right now. My girlfriend thinks that since my ex will be part of the group that I'll cheat on her. I have no attraction to my ex at all. I wouldn't even consider it.

Should I pass up the trip (we leave tonight at 6) to prove to my girlfriend that I love her or should I go see my team play in the biggest game of the year because it's a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity?

I can't believe I'm actually writing to you about this but I am looking for an unbiased opinion - not what my friends and family would say because they know both my ex and my girlfriend.

I'll keep an eye on the comments and see what people are saying. Thanks a lot!


What do you think he should do?

Comment  below with your advice. He knows to read the comments.