Montana State University want the community involved for their 125th anniversary photo.

Every year Montana State University has the incoming freshman students create a big 'M' on the Bobcat Stadium field but because this is the 125th anniversary of MSU they want faculty, staff, alumni and citizens of Bozeman to come and help spell out the '125' in the stands.

Credit:MSU Illustration via Alison Gauthier
Credit:MSU Illustration via Alison Gauthier

These photos are great because this will be on display in four years at the 2022 commencement when the students will be graduating.

Those who participate with get a limited edition T-shirt and they are asked to wear a white shirt for the photo.

They strongly encourage that your RSVP for your spot in the photo or you can just start lining up at 5:30 PM on August 25th. The picture will be taken at 6:30 promptly.

For more details, check out Montana State University.


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