We were supposed to be checked out, looking at wildlife and geysers, snapping photos and hiking around, but apparently what we were really doing was checking in on Facebook.

Boiling River taken by Erin on Instagram

According to Facebook’s 2014 Year in Review, Yellowstone National Park was the number 6 on its list of most checked-into places.

Also on the list was Yosemite National Park (#4) and Grand Canyon National Park (#5).

Taking the top spot as the most checked-into places were the Disney parks. Taking the #2 spot is Universal Studios Hollywood and at #3 is Times Square.

Here’s the full list of Facebook’s most checked-into places for 2014:

  1. Disney properties
  2. Universal Studios Hollywood
  3. Times Square
  4. Yosemite National Park
  5. Grand Canyon National Park
  6. Yellowstone National Park
  7. Yankee Stadium
  8. Las Vegas Strip
  9. Hollywood Walk of Fame
  10. Madison Square Garden

Facebook’s Year in Review also listed the most talked about topics in the U.S. (#1 is the Ebola virus outbreak), most talked about TV shows (#1 is Game of Thrones) and most viewed ice bucket challenge videos (George W. Bush is #1).

The photo above was taken at the Boiling River in Yellowstone, making me one of the guilty many who were checking in while I should have been checking out.