Wild fires have been popping up all over the state and the park wants to play it safe.

Yellowstone National Park announced starting today, August 21st there are going to be some fire restrictions for the back country due to very high fire danger.

Yellowstone National Park prohibits use of charcoal or wood fires that produce ash or embers prohibited in the back country or trails. That also includes fires established in fire rings.

Portable gas stoves and lanterns are permitted in areas that are barren or cleared of all overhead and surrounding materials within three feet.

They also want to let you know that smoking is prohibited unless you are near a fire ring or close to your campsite that is adjacent to nothing flammable.

Yellowstone National Park wants to let you know that this is just for back country and trails and in the developed areas and front country there are no fire restrictions as long as they are in the camp rings.

They do want to remind everyone that before leaving your camp fire you must make sure the remnant of the fire is cold to the touch before you leave. If it's not remember to soak, stir, feel and repeat till the camp fire is cold.

Luckily there haven't been to many wild fires in or near Yellowstone National Park. There were two earlier this month but they were put out quickly. The thing is you can't blame Yellowstone for playing it safe and doing their best to prevent any fires in the park.

For more details, check out Yellowstone National Park.

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