If you love your car, these are the places you want to keep an eye out for if you want to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Many people don't enjoy Montana winters for a variety of reasons. It can range from the bone-chilling wind to the massive snowfall to the pure icy roads that can occur. The reason why I don't enjoy Montana winters is that they tend to open up unfortunate potholes.

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Potholes are a menace to vehicles year-round. The problem with Montana winters is the snow tends to cover up these potholes, and when the weather warms up, they are everywhere.

Two places in the Bozeman are plagued with insane potholes that will either mess up your suspension or blow out a tire if you aren't paying attention.

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The first area is the minefield next to the McDonald's drive-thru on Main Street. The area before you approach the order area of McDonald's drive-thru, there are around twenty plotholes scattered around the area.

If you have a vehicle low to the ground, you have a solid chance of the bottom of your vehicle scraping on the pavement.

The other problem area of potholes in Bozeman isn't too far away. On the westbound Main Street, near the Panda Express and Chipolote, two gigantic potholes could pop a tire and not blink.

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If you're driving too close to the vehicle in front of you, these potholes will be the bane of your existence.

What can you do? You can report these potholes to the City of Bozeman to get fixed as soon as possible, but the city probably won't be able to take care of them until the weather warms up.

Drive safe, and look out for those potholes in the Gallatin Valley.

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