Listen, I know when you go out on a date choosing a movie together can be pretty difficult, especially when you want to get close to the other person. So I thought I would give my certain genres for movies that I would look for when you want to take a date to the theater. Here is my list.

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    This is an easy one, especially if they are easily scared (I know a few). They will want to make sure you protect them and if you get scared too you will both be getting scared together. Though, I will say, don't take them to a terrible scary movie (Paranormal Activity, Saw films).

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    Romantic Comedies

    Easy enough here, right? Have some laughs while falling in love with the characters. The only problem is there hasn't been really any good romantic comedies to come out recently, so this might be a hard one to find.

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    This one will get your date in a great mood and have them smiling ear to ear all throughout the night. Make sure though it's a movie they want to see as well, because sometimes not everyone likes James Franco.