This is one of the biggest questions still to be answered and there is no end in sight to when it could happen.

One of the things I have missed dearly since the COVID-19 pandemic started is pulling up to the Gallatin Valley Mall with my friends, grabbing some popcorn and a soda and watching a new movie at Regal Cinemas.

Movie theater
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Regal Cinemas has been mostly closed for over a year and it's heartbreaking. The movie theater is a place to go watch brand new movies with friends or family or in my case, by myself because no one enjoys going to horror movies all the time.

Regal Cinemas nationwide have been closed due to the lack of not only movies coming out but people being hesitant going and packing a movie theater and that's understandable. The problem is, if they stay closed we have no idea when they will actually reopen. Late spring, summer, or fall? There isn't an answer right now.

Movie studios have been in a constant state of moving back movie premieres due to movie theaters being closed and Regal Cinemas has made it very clear until there is a definite assurance that new movies will be coming out on their dates they will stay closed.

So that means the people here in the Gallatin Valley are still going to have to wait to see brand new movies on the big screen.

As soon as we know more info we will keep you updated but don't hold your breath because the only place currently to watch new movies in on HBO Max and it just isn't the same.

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