If you have never driven by this landmark, you are missing one of the most majestic places in all of Montana. 

When people think of landmarks in Montana, they usually think of the national parks, statues, or memorials, but Montana has one landmark that is perfect for Montana. Mediafeed came out with a list of the Most Riveting Iconic Landmarks in All 50 States, and Montana's is the so underrated and a perfect summer getaway. 

Montana's most riveting iconic landmark is the Gates of the Mountains near Helena, Montana. The Gates of the Mountains is one of the most idyllic places in all of Montana. This place is a sprawling 28,000-acre wilderness area where people go camping, hike, fish, rock climb, and rafting for days. 

The Gates of the Mountains is a destination between Helena and Great Falls and is a place where you don't get cell service, and you can escape from everything. It's a place where the Lewis & Clark Expedition spent quite a bit of time traveling through the west. 

I have driven through and by the Gates of the Mountains during the summer over the past few years and I've never seen a place that is picturesque Montana. I've been told you can go on rafting trips for several days where you can fish, camp, and enjoy beautiful Montana nights. 

The reason why many folks don't know about the Gates of the Mountains is that it's pretty off the beaten path in the middle of the state and only really traveled during the winter. 

So why not plan a trip this summer and check out the Gates of the Mountains. You will be blown away. 

For more details, check out Mediafeed

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