Montana might not be the most glamorous state, but people tend to come up with ridiculous reasons why they hate Big Sky Country.

Montana is a place where many people tend to kick back and try to enjoy all the beauty they have around. Whether you are an avid fan of wildlife, scenery, or a good old-fashioned beer, Montana has a lot to offer. My folks moved to Montana because they were tired of Tacoma and wanted my siblings and me to live where we could enjoy ourselves and not worry about the big city life.

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Montana is a state where you can enjoy both the finer and simpler things in life. That's why we love Montana.

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Except, some people move here, and all they do is complain. Seriously, there are a lot of folks who hate living in Montana. We thought we would share a few dumb reasons why people hate Montana.

  1. Nothing To Do-I've heard this multiple times over the years. So many transplants talk about how there's nothing to do in Montana. You can go hiking, enjoy outdoor activities, or do many other things. The people who complain there is nothing to do would rather be on their phones all day and night instead of interacting with what's around them.
  2. No Big Concerts Come Here-This one makes some sense. Sure, you will never see Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, or Ariana Grande book a show in Montana, but there are so many quality concerts that happen almost every day. Most of these shows are small but are more fun to enjoy.
  3. All The Restaurants Are The Same-This reason is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. If you are in a small town in Montana, you might only have one to two options, but here in Bozeman, we have all types of restaurants to choose from every day. These people are bougie and need a reality check.
  4. Why Isn't The Wildlife Friendly?-Check the term you used. Wildlife means they are wild, and Montana isn't a petting zoo. People move here and expect to turn into Snow White and be friends with all the animals. Why are people so delusional?

These are a few dumb reasons why people hate Montana, and you can tell they lack common sense. At least I know many folks who have lived here their whole life or moved here and appreciate what Montana has to offer.

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So, if you are new to Montana and aren't too thrilled, sit back in your chair and enjoy what's around you.

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